Welcome to part three of our blog featuring the life and legacy of Maria Montessori. Because of her passion for education, her willingness to do things differently, and her drive to change the status quo, we have a successful, proven educational system: the Montessori Method. The Montessori Method is not only the successful backbone of a Montessori education, it is the product and lifework of Maria Montessori herself.

In our previous blogs, we discussed the early life and early career of Maria Montessori. From the time she was an adolescent, Maria Montessori valued learning and not only absorbed everything she could, she strived to allow her learning to help countless children. In this, the final installment of our three-part blog, we’ll talk about how Maria Montessori’s work finally received the widespread recognition that it’s always deserved. Continue reading below to learn more!

Our last blog left off with the founding of Casa de Bambini for young children in San Lorenzo, Italy. Maria’s role in this school was always observation, direction, and research. The focusses of this revolutionary school were to allow children to be in charge of their own personal care, perform daily chores to contribute to the school’s well-being, have time every day that was set aside for play and exercise, and learn in a unique and individually formatted way. These ideas are still a strong belief and teaching method in our Lithonia Montessori school.

The Spread of the Montessori Education

As the success of her first school spread, the second one opened up the following year. People began noticing that the children in her program demonstrated concentration, attention, self-discipline, and other valuable skills that showed the success of her methods.

Within the next few years, Maria Montessori began holding training sessions to help equip teachers all over Italy with the necessary tools and techniques to be effective teachers. As acclaim and word of her amazing success spread further and further, the Montessori Method began being implemented all over the world.

Throughout the next few decades, Maria Montessori worked to set up her educational systems in places that needed her expertise. She spoke at conferences, clinics, training sessions, and other workshops to help educators teach more effectively. Maria Montessori was also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize six times for her amazing efforts in education.

Her Legacy

Today, the Montessori Method is the backbone of everything we do at Excellent Montessori. We’ve seen the same amazing results in our Lithonia students that Maria Montessori first saw in her earliest students at the Casa de Bambini. Our students have excellent skills in concentration, self-discipline, attention, self-correction, and so much more. We’ve seen that kids who go through a Montessori education are successful in high school, excel in college, and thrive throughout life.

Tour Our Montessori School

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