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Parents today have the most important, the hardest, and most complicated, an anxiety-ridden job in the world. Parents are blamed a lot, but few parents get the training that would make their job easier, more satisfying, and more rewarding.

Excellent Montessori Inc. offers parents the help they need. We provide a parent training course called PARENTING FOR SUCCESS. PARENTING FOR SUCCESS is designed to teach parents philosophy and communication skills, which will help them improve their relationship with their children.

Parenting For Success Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of the program include helping parents achieve these four major goals: helping children solve their own problems, confronting children’s unacceptable behavior, resolving conflicts between parent and child, resolving values collisions between parents and children. In addition to the following six key skills: Identifying problem ownership to understand and manage problems, active listening to enable their children and others to solve their own problems, I-messages, to confront other’s unacceptable behavior resulting in the other changing his or her behavior, Gear shifting, to overcome resistance to change, Method III, to resolve conflicts with their children and others so both are satisfied with the solution, values collision skills, to resolve values collisions with their children and others. The specific activities are:

  1. Session 1-Understanding Parent Effectiveness/session 2-Learning the helping skills

-Review course outline           -Characteristics of the Effective Parent

-Problem ownership                -P.F.S goals    -Setting objectives                  -Helping skills -Avoiding roadblocks             -Active Listening

  1. Session 3-Applying active Listening/session 4 Confronting unacceptable behavior

-Conditions for active listening          -Common listening errors  -Effective self-disclosure

-Active listening to young children    -effective confrontation

– Avoiding ineffective confrontation

  1. Session 5-Applying I-messages/session 6-Resolving conflicts

-Handling resistance   -modifying the environment to prevent conflicts – learning stages

-the nature of conflict  -the no-lose method  -Ineffective ways of resolving conflicts

– six-step problem solving

  1. Session 7-Applying Method III/session 8-Resolving Values Collisions

– Method III for whole family situations –Method III with children

– Understanding values collisions       -Options for resolving values collisions

– Effective modeling and consulting -risks of use of power  – Self-acceptance

-Course evaluation

 This program will also teach parents:


  1. Parent Advocacy Training encouraging parents to advocate in school on behalf of their children.
  2. Leadership Training – developing leadership skills in children.
  3. An Attitude For Life – developing character and a positive attitude in children to better prepare them to become leaders in a global and diverse economy.


Parenting For Success course is offered free to the community, because of generous donations.


All families who would like to improve communication skills with their child and create a plan for academic excellence can find the help they need through our Parenting for Success course. You can imagine how important these skills are to the families of the 21st century.

However, continued support is essential to help the over 500 families that come to us for help each year.

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